Jane Beebe

Convocation, September 9, 2010

Jane Beebe, Owner and Director of PDX Contemporary Art, delivers the 2010 Convocation address. Each fall, PNCA invites an exemplar from the arts to officially open the academic year. Introduction by Tom Manley, President, PNCA.

In 1996, gallery owner Jane Beebe opened PDX Contemporary Art in Portland’s developing Pearl district. The previous nine years Beebe worked at Jamison/Thomas Gallery. By the fall of 2005, PDX and the represented artists had grown and it was time to move into a much larger space. In 2006, PDX opened a beautiful new space in its current location in the Pearl District. PDX continues to show work that, as Beebe says, “has a slight conceptual edge. It is personal work which is both intellectually and visually satisfying.”

Photographs by Chloe Dietz '13.

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