Grayson Bear Intermedia Thesis Fall 2018

“Superfun: A silly willy place that gets more bigger and more funner every day!!”

Superfun is a science fiction comic book that utilizes the accessibility of cartoon storytelling to critique and analyze complicated content such as corrupt systems of power and the loss of innocence. It is the tension between the cute and creepy, the cuddly and claustrophobic, that Superfun visually and conceptually relies on. Capitalism, colonialism, white supremacy and other hateful systems that plague our world manifest as a colossal wacky metropolis.  

Lullaby of Frogland is the first of nine issues which will complete this story. In the first issue, the primary characters and themes of the larger narrative are introduced, opening up the world for future installments. Superfun is meant to push and pull between immersive fiction and sobering allusion to real situations. Our world is so fucked up to begin with, that the cartoon veil of Superfun is often thin.    

In addition to telling a fun and engaging story, it is my goal with Superfun to question my role within the chaos of an unstable and unjust society, as well as encourage readers to do the same.

Grayson Bear Intermedia Thesis Fall 2018

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