Ann-Marie Engelberth Illustration Thesis Fall 2018

Haven is a post-apocalyptic children’s book that tackles living in a world devoid of plant life. After finding an curious pouch while exploring the wasteland, Tala and her friends are guided by three spirits on a journey to bring flora back to their desert town, Haven. Each spirit is representative of different positive influences of nature on the environment including food, clean drinking water, and beauty. Throughout the book runs a parallel narrative of the giant androids that rule Haven with an iron fist and their gradual decline in affluence during the course of the story. The androids are representative of the dangers of conformity, utilitarianism, and unhindered negative influences of technology. Haven is an 8” x 8” book that runs for eighty-four pages and is divided into a prologue and three chapters. It is aimed at children between six to nine years old. For my thesis project, I took the entire book will be taken up to the final line-art tonal stage, with two interior full-color spreads and an illustrated cover in order to appeal to publishers at the concept stage.

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