MFA VS Lecture: Yvonne Rainer

Graduate Visiting Artist Lecture Series 2011

Modern dancer and filmmaker Yvonne Rainer speaks to PNCA and the MFA in Visual Studies about her work as part of the 2011-2012 Graduate Visiting Artist Lecture Series. November 17, 2011.

Trained as a modern dancer, Yvonne Rainer began to integrate short films into her live performances, then quickly transitioned into filmmaking. She has since completed seven experimental feature films. In 2000, Rainer returned to dance with a piece called After Many a Summer Dies the Swan. Most recently, she choreographed a re-visioning of George Balanchine’s Agon (1957); of Vaslav Nijinsky’s Rite of Spring (1913); and of Spiraling Down (2009), a meditation on soccer, aging and war.

This event is co-sponsored by Portland State University’s MFA Contemporary Art Practice/Studio Program.

Photographs by Matthew Miller '11 and Micah Fischer '13.

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