The Feldman Gallery presents It’s All A Blur, a touring exhibition from SOMArts Cultural Center. The exhibition focuses on levels of empowerment and enfranchisement in the American West. Themes of labor economics, cross-cultural identity and the meaning of the American Dream are portrayed through installations, performances, drawings, photography, readings and historic pieces. The exhibition features California masters Guillermo Gómez-Peña, Dale Hoyt and Tony Labat.

Gómez-Peña’s work in the exhibition includes a video montage about Mexico’s relationship to the United States. Hoyt’s contributions include Kitten Kollaboration, drawings of the world’s first cloned cat. Cuban-born Labat’s new work includes Blanket Policy (1988), a never-before-seen large-scale sculptural tent made from paintings purchased at Goodwill, and Leisure (2000), a twelve foot tall custom-made barbecue.

SOMArts Executive Director Lex Leifheit commented, “It’s All A Blur highlights local masters who have pioneered an intellectual, multifaceted approach to identity and art as means for social justice in the post-Bush era. By creating work for a community whose spiritual, political, cultural and economic realities are in constant flux, they offer hope and provide the possibility of greater empathy.”

Additional collaborators include David Lawrence, Steve Thurston, and the international performance troupe La Pocha Nostra featuring core members Michelle Ceballos (Phoenix/Bogota), Guillermo Galindo (San Francisco/Mexico city), Guillermo Gómez‐Peña (San Francisco/Mexico City), Roberto Sifuentes (Chicago) and associates Dani d’Emilia (Brazil), EJ Hill (Chicago), Saul Garcia Lopez (Toronto/Mexico City), Erica Mott (Chicago), Natalie Brewster Nguyen (Tucson), and John Zibell (Davis/NYC).

An opening reception will be held Thursday, September 1st, 6-8pm.

This project received support from the Western States Arts Federation and the National Endowment for the Arts. Supported in part by the Community Arts & Education Program of the San Francisco Arts Commission.

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