Nesho Dimov MFA Visual Studies Thesis Spring 2018

This text is for those in perceptual flux, who know everything for others, but nothing for themselves, and those who know everything for themselves, but nothing for others. The Nomad-Shaman accepts both predicaments and vacillates between them; he carries the egoless burden of living in a double-bind. He feels damned by the exclusion of Nature’s complexities. He feels damned if included, because descriptions and taxonomies objectify him and every aspect of his cosmology. The Nomad-Shaman lives in a genuinely holistic relationship with Nature. To believe in animism is to believe in the inclusion of all Nature: the animate, the so-called inanimate, and all expressions and exchanges taking place within Nature. The Shaman’s perceptions are different from those of the civilized world. In the same manner, the Nomad’s perceptions are different from those living in stasis. Through my work, I offer a concise animistic diagram that proposes a return to Nature as the ubiquitous model for contemporary art engagement, and offers a remedy for the malady of modernity.

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