Aisthesis in the Shaman's Diagram: "The Sky god Tengri"

Detail: “The Sky god Tengri” diptych on the back wall. This condensed version of the Shaman’s sky represents his repressed past, anamnesis, and his cosmology. As a Nomad-Shaman he practices excessive syncretism, always seeking the Glow which emanates throughout all existence.

Artwork Info

Type of Work Installation: Diptych painting component
Medium Diptych only: acrylic, saffron, mica, pollen, gelatin, sequoia shavings, tar medium, and glaze on canvas
Dimensions Diptych only: 124" x 70" x 2"
Subject Matter Aisthesis is the word best describing the innumerable, and unnamable perceptions in existence.

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Nesho Dimov

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Nesho Dimov MFA Visual Studies Thesis Spring 2018