Aisthesis in the Shaman's Diagram

Detail: Rape Culture label-this is a “dysfunctional” staple gun embedded in a cremation box installed on a painting called Brand New Cave. This segment shows the disgust the Shaman feels towards those who destroy Nature. The attached broken violin bow means that rape doesn’t have a melody, sound, voice… nothing worth “listening.” Rape Culture label also depicts Shaman’s dismay at the collective acquiescence associated with this monstrosity. The Shaman placed rocks wrapped in silk to soften the hurt, and as an offering of compassion, and empathy to all who have suffered.

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Type of Work Installation
Medium Multimedia-metal cage, 3D printed mask, film camera on a tripod, salt block, rocks, 3 paintings, Shaman artifact, Shaman paraphernalia, daybed, drift wood, glass art, indigo ink colored sculpture, neckties, misc. items
Dimensions Variable
Subject Matter Aisthesis is the Greek word best describing the innumerable, and unnamable perceptions in existence. Aisthesis is the root of the word aesthetics. The artwork attempts to distinguish animism as the aisthessis infinite embodiment, versus aesthetics as Anthropos finite choice.

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Nesho Dimov

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Nesho Dimov MFA Visual Studies Thesis Spring 2018