Aisthesis in the Shaman's Diagram: The Yage painting

The Yage painting located behind the installation above the day bed represents the Ayahuasca experience. In a larger scale, the painting depicts the “other” perceptions. Perpetually, the Shaman flips the painting around to emphasize that the body laying in the center is conjectural and dynamic, and not at all a body in stasis. There is a poem placed on the right side of the painting which links the day bed, and the gown laying on the bed to the notion of “wearable” perception.

Artwork Info

Type of Work Installation
Medium This painting only: acrylic, glow in the dark paint, molding paste, glaze, sand, indigo ink, sanguine oil stick paint, and shellack, on canvas
Dimensions This painting only: 70" x 62" x 2"
Subject Matter Aisthesis is the Greek word best describing the innumerable, and unnamable perceptions in existence. Aisthesis is the root of the word aesthetics. The artwork attempts to distinguish animism as the aisthessis infinite embodiment, versus aesthetics as Anthropos finite choice.

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Nesho Dimov

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Nesho Dimov MFA Visual Studies Thesis Spring 2018