Marina Zurkow

Graduate Visiting Artist Lecture Series 2014

Crossing multiple disciplines with her practice, Marina Zurkow builds animated and participatory environments that are centered on humans and their entanglement with animals, plants, and the weather. Her latest project “Sampan Super Chai,” is a collaboration with PDX-based The Last Attempt at Greatness whose design disruptions explore humans’ relationship with progress, expectations, liminality, and value. Their is an examination of Portland’s terroir: collecting, analyzing, and processing the substrate, waters, biota, and anthropogenic artifacts of the Willamette and Columbia rivers. Partnering with scientists and activists, the project will explore new ways to understand the Portland hydroscape.

Zurkow and The Last Attempt at Greatness will be joined by a panel of regional arts and science colleagues:

Chris D’Arcy, Former Executive Director of Oregon Arts Commission

Kevin Kearns, Vice President of Exhibits at OMSI

Sarah Sentiles, Assistant Professor of Liberal Studies and Visual Arts at PNCA

Jim Desmond, Metro’s Sustainability Center

Arthur C. Nelson

David Aycan

Gary Nabhan

George Mobus, PhD

Harold Nelson

Jay Harman

Marina Zurkow

Derrick Jensen

Naomi Oreskes

The Future of Our Oceans

Timothy Beatley

Paul Gilding, "The Great Disruption"

Harish Hande: Democratizing Electricity

Open Spaces: Northwest Innovation

Miscellaneous MFA Collaborative Design Lectures

Christopher Phillips

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