Bind is about struggling with bad theology. Theology that promotes violence and oppression. Theology that isn’t central to the tenants of Christianity, but is used as a political tool. Theology that promotes ignorance and hate. This theology creates and us vs. them mentality. I feel that this type of theology is destructive to the individual, the Church, and those targeted by the rhetoric.

Bind is about being a part of the Christian Church and trying to come to terms with the negative parts of its past and present.

For this piece, I made a net out of 500 feet of 1" diameter rope. Then I built a black walnut frame for the rope to be draped over. I built it to my height as a stand in for myself. I inserted nails and other metals into the net that I collected from the banks of the Willamette River. I wrapped cable from the river and more rope around the sculpture. The net, nails, and cable bind the wood frame. The frame is bending from the weight. It will eventually give out from the weight of the objects I pull from the river.

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Type of Work Performance/sculpture
Medium Black walnut; nails, cable, and other metals collected from the banks of the Willamette River; 600 ft of 1" diameter rope tied into a net; railroad spikes
Dimensions 64" x 24" x 18"

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Gregory Gonzalez

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Greg Gonzalez BFA Painting Thesis Spring 2015