Greg Gonzalez BFA Painting Thesis Spring 2015

The Intersection of Faith and Art Practices

In these works I explore the ways in which my Christian faith practice and art practice intersect. I do this by creating rituals for myself. These rituals are physical acts that build discipline, focus, and faithful action. I believe there is a strong connection between the physical body and the spirit. These rituals are an active, physical form of meditation that strengthen and renew my faith.

The rituals are documented in objects that are produced during each ritual. They act as an artifact. I use natural, easily recognizable materials like wood and stone. I believe this allows the viewer to experience these pieces corporeally. The materials have an undeniable physical presence. They show signs of the ritual I performed. As I continued to explore this form of making and gained experience with these materials, how I used them changed. I began embedding them with meaning in a different way. They also changed from being secondary to the ritual’s process to being the driving force.

I believe art is a strong vehicle for an exploration of faith practices. I believe art making and viewing requires a similar discipline of focus and meditation that a faith practice does. Art requires constant reevaluation and practice. It slows down information for the maker and the viewer. It can silence the noisy world. Because of this, I believe art is able to talk about indescribable. It can explore the nature of faith. It can make accessible a person’s unique experience. Art opens up the viewer and the maker. It allows them to share in an experience.

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Spring 2015