Be Still

Be Still

This piece is accompanied by the seven stones from my previous piece Seven Stones.

Be Still is documentation of meditation and is ongoing. It is the most recent piece in this series. I found that during this thesis process, I was too focused on getting this work done for thesis. The work became about thesis and was not a devotional act. I decided I needed to take a step back and refocus my efforts.

I sewed pieces of fabric together from previous works. I took the fabric out to the Columbia River. I waded out into the water with fabric and sat with it while I meditated.

This piece is about renewal and being present.

I have and will continue to take this piece out to a river to meditate. Over time, I expect the piece to show more wear and evidence of the time spent meditating.

Artwork Info

Type of Work Performance/sculpture
Medium Cotton fabric and a river
Dimensions 7' x 10'

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Gregory Gonzalez

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Greg Gonzalez BFA Painting Thesis Spring 2015