Prayer Box

Prayer Box

I grab the twine in my left hand. I pull it away from the roll in my right hand so the twine measures the span of my outstretched arms. I repeat the motion so it measures two arm spans. Then I cut the twine. I repeat this thirty-five more times.
I have already drilled the thirty-six holes in the top of the box. I fold the twine in half, hook it on a needle I bent, and pull/twist the needle and twine through the small hole in the wood. I tie an overhand knot to hold the twine in place. I repeat this thirty-five more times. I now have seventy-two pieces of twine hanging from the top of the box to make my net.
I start from the left—grabbing the second and third pieces of twine. I tie an overhand knot. I move on to the next two pieces and repeat down the row. When I get to the end, I drop down about an inch to start the next row, going from the right to the left. Each knot is a consistent, focused effort. I try to keep my mind focused solely on the tying of each knot.
I repeat until I reach the bottom of the box. It takes over twelve hours with a few breaks to complete the net. I have already drilled the thirty-six holes in the bottom of the box. I pull the twine through in pairs and tie overhand knots to keep the net taut. I now have a net with over seven hundred spaces to fill with daily devotions.
The devotions are completed in the evening. I read from the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America’s lectionary. I reflect on these readings in the form of a prayer that I write down on a piece of grid paper. I fold the paper in half lengthwise. Then I roll it up and put it in the net. I place the prayers in the net, from left to right, top to bottom. If I miss a day, I leave that space in the net blank and continue.

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Type of Work Performance/sculpture
Medium Walnut and birch box; twine tied by hand into a net; daily devotions on grid paper
Dimensions 39" x 18"

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Gregory Gonzalez

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Greg Gonzalez BFA Painting Thesis Spring 2015