The Lotus World

This thesis by Jenny Choi titled “The Lotus World”, is a project focused on herself, her process, and her experience mainly related to the lotus flower. She created a place that exists in her head and has translated that to her viewer. She created a large nature scene, using various elements based on personal experience both obvious and hidden to the viewer via an abstract design.

“The Lotus World” is a place for a dreamy jungle of relaxation. This piece uses unstretched canvas and a black background to offer the viewer a captivating experience just like standing in the dark night or floating on the water.

Artwork Info

Type of Work painting
Medium oil paint
Dimensions 60.5" X 67.5"
Subject Matter landscape

Artist Info

Hyunjung Choi

Joined: October 23, 2014

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Hyunjung Choi Painting Thesis Fall 2019