Hyunjung Choi Painting Thesis Fall 2019

The Lotus World

My goal was to create a large nature scene, using elements based on my personal experience. The lotus world is that a place for the dreamy jungle of relaxation. This project started with my entire experience from not only pnca but also my time in the states. I put little symbols that have hidden meanings that make me feel happy and warm. My paintings are meant to be left open to the imagination but also an escape from the reality. The meaning behind my paintings come from my desire to create work that is fun for me to make, look at, and for my viewers as well. I hope my botanical paintings offer the viewer a break from reality and whatever troubles they may be going through. Painting as an artistic practice itself is a meditative experience for myself and it is part of what makes the lotus paintings so relaxing and enjoyable to look at. ლ

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Fall 2019