The Space II(-inside)

This thesis by Jenny Choi titled “The Lotus World”, is a project focused on herself, her process, and her experience mainly related to the lotus flower. She created a place that exists in her head and has translated that to her viewer. She created a large nature scene, using various elements based on personal experience both obvious and hidden to the viewer via an abstract design.

“The Space II” is a imaginary place where I can be happy and relax. The orange color is anxious color but with the little bit of white, that becomes this artists favorite color. The peach color means warm and love in her painting. It’s a mirror painting of her other work the Space I(-outside).

Artwork Info

Type of Work painting
Medium oil paint
Dimensions 18" X 24"
Subject Matter abstract

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Hyunjung Choi

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Hyunjung Choi Painting Thesis Fall 2019