Museum of Contemporary Craft

CraftPerspectives Lecture: Maria Elena Buszek
CraftPerspectives: Phil Tinari: Postures In Clay

The CraftPerspectives Series provides a forum for today’s leading artists, designers, scholars and curators to share their knowledge and pose important questions on issues in contemporary craft.

Events range from Garth Clark’s standing room only lecture
 How Envy Killed the Crafts Movement to conversations that engage the DIY community.

The program also includes Craft Conversations, a series of talks that are closely aligned with the Museum’s exhibitions and involve curators and artists in a more intimate and direct dialogue with the Museum audience. The CraftPerspectives Series provides both a vantage on craft in the 21st Century while also honoring the history of the studio craft movement.

With the integration of the Museum with Pacific Northwest College of Art, the program has the additional resources of the College’s community of artists, designers, writers and historians.

CraftPerspectives | Lecture: Benjamin Lignel and Namita Gupta Wiggers

CraftPerspectives Lecture: Chris Taylor

CraftPerspectives Lecture: Ellen Lupton

CraftPerspectives Lecture: Emily Pilloton

CraftPerspectives Lecture: Maria Elena Buszek

CraftPerspectives Artist Talk | Stephanie Syjuco

CraftPerspectives Lecture: Nikki McClure

CraftPerspectives: Phil Tinari, "Postures In Clay"

CraftPerspectives Lecture: Garth Clark

CraftPerspectives Lecture: Glenn Adamson

CraftPerspectives Lecture: Cynthia E. Smith