W.J.T. Mitchell

PNCA+FIVE Idea Studios Lecture, April 1, 2009

Pacific Northwest College of Art hosted a lecture by W.J.T. Mitchell on “The Future of the Image” as a part of the PNCA+FIVE Idea Studios program.

Scholar and theorist of media, visual art, and literature, Mitchell is the long-time editor of the interdisciplinary journal, Critical Inquiry, a quarterly published by University of Chicago Press devoted to critical theory in the arts and human sciences.

The lecture is part of a series of Idea Studios programs, generating from the College’s innovative Ford Institute of Visual Education (FIVE). Idea Studios engages leading thinkers and artists from a range of fields and practices to enrich the mix of ideas within the College and its broader community by introducing new elements, questions, possibilities and challenges to the prevailing curriculum.

W.J.T. Mitchell

Children’s Creativity: Why the Visual Arts Matter

Norman Klein, "Navigating Scripted Spaces:The Moving Image Since 1550"

Shiro Nakane

Jacques Rancière

Billy Bragg