Mary Dahlke MFA Visual Studies Thesis 2014

You Shop Therefore I Am

You Shop Therefore I Am is an investigation into female identity through the lens of big box retail consumer culture. The work you see is a representation of observations, actions, objects and documentation created over my thesis semester.

I am exhibiting print media, multiples and documentation of performative actions as artifacts. I have employed strategies tied to culture jamming, subadvertising prefigurative intervention and shopdropping. These were played out in local retail stores without permission, and therefore what is left is the documentation.

My intention is to catalyze conversations around how current cosmetic and hygienic products form and inform the feminine, by inserting my voice into the moment a shopper decides to purchase a product. My main focuses are on the way products are named and advertised to adolescent women. I will appropriate products like Essie Nail Polish advertising and examine how that instead of advertising colors they are advertising types women reduced to the objects with certain properties.

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