Tori Meader BFA Thesis Fall 2013

I have always been fascinated by the ancient, a sort of romanticism with the past. Many times those ancient concepts, legends, myths, characters and creations serve as artistic inspiration for modern stories, characters and concepts. With astrology however, I felt not only inspired artistically but intellectually and even faithfully. As an agnostic, I find that the things I learn about the universe that are unfathomable are why I believe in the greater. Astrology was a way for me to connect to greater powers in a more defined way, but not in a religious way.
My choice to illustrate the Zodiac characters as cyber bionic creatures is, not only self-serving because I adore science fiction and fantasy, but also so that my audience can be enticed into the illustrations and then witness my inspiration and understand how through my illustrative choices I have changed this ancient concept into a more relatable, future-ready concept.

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