Jonathan Gregg BFA Thesis Fall 2013

Telepathic Dreams is a 12 page comic book featuring the science-fiction story of a telepathic alien named Everett, a bit of an outcast who is searching for a sense of belonging beyond his community of fellow telepaths. His search will take him deep into an ancient forest, where he’ll come face to face with creatures from a planet known as Earth – will they prove a boon or a detriment? Will they help Everett in his search for belonging, or will their motives prove less than
The primary theme in Everett’s story is the desire to belong, and elements of that struggle include family and community, social isolation, communication, and the odd things one might do in order to feel a sense of belonging. I’m exploring these themes and ideas in my project because the overall desire to belong seems to continually manifest within myself at each new turning point in myown life.

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Fall 2013