APHELION – short film

Aphelion is a 6 minute science fiction film, made with stop motion, hand drawn animation, and 35mm footage from the NASA archives. It uses animation as a medium of possibilities, magic and disbelief, and the inspiring wonder that brings still objects to life.
This story is about two characters: the pilot (a human) and the biologist (an alien) of a ship, and their mission to discover the mystery behind a strange shape in the stars. Along the way they grow closer, communicating without dialogue to share commonalities, understand their differences, and work together to keep their spaceship floating, all while pushing beyond known boundaries into the darkness.
Somewhere, in the existential void of space, there is beauty in simple pleasures, wonder in the quotidian, and a love story among the stars.

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Type of Work Animated short film
Medium TV Paint, After Effects, archive footage, wire puppets, hand drawn animation, fake plants
Subject Matter Character, narrative, science fiction

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Sarah Hickey

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Sarah Hickey BFA Animated Arts Thesis Spring 2018