Installation shot of Present Continuous

Installation shot of Present Continuous. The fourth piece, a projection, is in a small room behind the piece on the far right wall.

This is three out of four pieces in the body of work titled Present Continuous. The projection is in a small room behind the piece on the far right wall. In each of the three prints, there is an expanse of space surrounding a photogravure image of a window; smaller in scale than in real life, these windows defy the weight of the materials they are built from. Implied converging perspectival lines, created by the shapes of the windows, push the paper around in unexpected ways and the reflections on the glass are disorienting and interrupt a clear understanding of the space beyond the surface. These disruptions alter perceptions of what is interior and what is exterior. In its geometry and design, the window suggests a manmade construction of permanence whereas the reflections within the glass present a less temporal world. With a basic understanding of architecture, the space created by the unfilled white paper has the potential to read as the structure holding the window. For others it remains empty, ripe with nothing. These windows into multidimensional views collapse dimensions. The omission of imagery erases the context but not the event that created pause, awareness and a mental shift. These windows act as framing devices for moments in my life that have seemed to compress time and space, that have slowed the pace, allowed for vulnerability, and reminded me of the beauty of surprise.

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Type of Work framed prints
Medium photogravure with gampi chine-collé on Stonehenge

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Brandi Kruse

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Brandi Kruse MFA Print Media Capstone 2016