Character Design Board - Boris

Boris is 105 years old, and of Macedonian heritage. He heads the council of elders. Alatians have a life expectancy of 150 years, and some have made it to more than 200. That is why Boris has the body of a 40 or 50 year old athlete. Viewers can see the influence of ancient civilizations in the clothing.

Artwork Info

Type of Work Character Visual Design Board
Medium Digital Drawing, Digital Painting, Digital Sculpting, 3D Modeling, Digital Texturing
Dimensions 5400 x 3600 pixels on screen or 18" x 12" printed
Subject Matter Science Fiction, Racism, Aniamted Arts, 3D Animation, Blender, Open Source

Artist Info

Gerardo Vargas

Joined: May 1, 2014

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Gerardo Vargas LRVS MFA Thesis 2016