Living the Dream Video Still 2

With each pass by the table, the subject brings more, and more to table, including coasters shaped like Texas, large plastic cups from fast casual restaurant chains, pots and dishes with potholders, a crock pot, and 2-liter bottles of Dr. Pepper, Mountain Dew, and Coca-Cola. The subject brings Heinz Ketchup, Frenches Mustard, Miracle Whip, and Hidden Valley Ranch. Lays potato chips, Fritos, Cheese Puffs, Classic White Wonder bread, Best Maid Pickles, and a 24 pack of Coors light. Though the subject’s apron is covered in vegetables, there are no fresh foods available in this scene.

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Type of Work Video, performance
Medium video, performance
Dimensions 8'x10'
Subject Matter dining table, food, domestic labor

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Ash Stone

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Ash Stone MFA Visual Studies Thesis 2023