A seven second gif containing 88 derogatory words for gay men that I found via Wikipedia repeats endlessly on loop. And, If you’re wondering if 88 derogatory words or phrases is a lot, consider that heterosexual people have 0. Well, they do have 3 slang terms: straight, hetero, and breeder. But I would argue that is extremely rare that one of those 3 words is said with hatred before a beating or murder. But then again, I don’t know the statistics on hate crimes against straight people. (that was my attempt at dark sarcasm to make a point) Anyways. The never-ending gif representative of the speed at which we consume information and the ease at which that information is understandable even at such a rapid pace. Each word is shown in a different typeface, and as they flash upon the screen for 7/10ths of a second, the words begin take on the role of a “logo”. Typeface, commonly known as font, converts language into images with specific connotations, most of which are understood in quite an invisible or involuntary way.

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