On the keyboard sits a magazine page with a photo of an apathetic looking male model who was desired so much by me that I tore him from his place of origin, an old magazine I had. whose mouth was cut out and replaced by a delicately arranged gym sock. The sculpture on the keyboard looks at the viewer and through that, there is an exchange of acknowledgement. Both parties are aware of each other. The sock, so delicate and flaccid, rests where his mouth once was. The sock is a reference to masturbation. A reference to the money shot. A gratification not normally linked to the words on the screen. It’s an absurd sculpture in a way, yet there’s a sensitivity to the gesture of the sock that gives the piece a sense of sincerity or care. But within the context of the space and the other works, who really knows if that aesthetic of sincerity is contrived or not.

(The .gif is not shown in this photo)

Artwork Info

Type of Work sculpture, gif
Medium metal, Apple Mac book pro, magazine paper, gym sock, .gif
Dimensions 14" x 14" x 13"
Subject Matter self-portrait

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Eric Long

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Eric Long MFA Visual Studies Thesis Spring 2018