The Eternal Return of the New

The Eternal Return of the New includes four pieces as part of the capstone project installation:

Tutti Con La Tuta – Everybody With The Tuta – Ten one-piece-suits, designed by THAYAHT in 1919, remade by workshop participants in 2019.

Your Hands Will Always Fit Here – Thirteen pocket-dresses, made by workshop participants.

You Are Controlling The Machine, Breathe Deeply And Act Thoughtfully – Three finished dress and three pre-made DIY kits, designed for makers to reproduce their own pocket-dress. 100% reclaimed cotton, collaged and screen-printed.

Repair Station – a participatory performance piece inviting the public to bring clothing for a free repair and a conversation.

Artwork Info

Type of Work Installation
Medium Clothing, textile art, photography, installation
Dimensions 20' x 20' space
Subject Matter Fashion, DIY

Artist Info

Ophir El-Boher

Joined: February 2, 2017

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Ophir El-Boher MFA Collaborative Design Practicum 2019