Threshold People is template suggesting, that perhaps, there is more to be gained than lost in translation.

Threshold People signature is a template for its own making—a support structure that tag-teams the role of the process with representation that emanates not from things but from the way things are done.

It is a semi-un-trimmed perforated octavo folded signature.

Forming sixteen pages of visible content showing the template made of Blue tape, color pencils, markers, and white artist tape making up the system of numbers, codes and markings to indicate what to perforate, what to tear, and the cadence of the pages.

There are also sixteen additional pages of hidden or barely visible content intermittently strewn through the perforated gutters. These pages contain sketches, drawings, quotes, and images that together give a sense of Friends in action—Will and I working together in the studio.

Each page was scanned, put into photoshop, separated, and screen printing using cyan, magenta, and yellow. All these steps, shift and change the template. Allowing for things to be off register, blurry, upside down, and inside out. Unlike Morris’s box, it is not contained and unadorned, it is full of nuance, mishaps, while still holding the romantic and mysterious nature of working in the studio.

The folded uncut signature, leads us on, it teases us—but not too obviously.

One might begin to try to read the content, flipping it trying to get a glance inside the perforated folds. The proximity to the body is an embrace that is in constant flux—receiving the book with chest, arms, shoulders, neck, and head tilts.

Time passes here more slowly and physically because with each reorientation of the book the reader awakens the work through the peaking, flipping, and turning in order to try to make sense of the content.

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Type of Work sculpture, publication
Medium mixed media
Dimensions dimentions variable
Subject Matter conceptual project

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Laura O'Quin

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Laura O'Quin MFA Applied Craft + Design Practicum 2016