In the installation of the work, the two walls are made up of the template for the quarto folded signatures. A framework I designed to both connect and house the 3 projects. Between the two paper walls is a table that holds the three signatures.

The signatures each bound in a different order to highlight each collaboration. The two objects not contained in the body of the signature, a porcelain letter opener and magnifying glass rest in a inset space cut specific to the contours of its shape. There is an extra space around each object to invite the viewer to pick them up.

The three lights drop down simultaneously highlighting each collaboration and creating a sense of warmth and intimacy. As the line of thought that threads through the installation is a form of solidarity. Through this I speak, not so much through an individual authorial voice, but through a multiplicity of voices. The resulting work is both a self portrait and a portrait of the persons with whom I collaborated. And, in these two portraits, I see a profound kind of conviviality.

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Type of Work sculpture, publication
Medium mixed media
Dimensions dimentions variable
Subject Matter conceptual project

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Laura O'Quin

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Laura O'Quin MFA Applied Craft + Design Practicum 2016