Michael Schnitman MFA Applied Craft + Design Practicum 2015

The Silent Drum

In this capstone paper i will cover my research and evolving interests from Art to science and from body sensory activation to spirituality. I will be examining my thought process through the synthesis of my interests that combine into my current work, ‘Tools of contemplation’ And within my capstone final project,
The silent drum.

From the fascination in nature of Synesthesia, The phenomena of inter-correlating senses in the human psych of taste, sight, touch, numbers, colors and more. I have proceeded a fused it with my own Design, Music and physical therapy background. formulating into concept these sensibilities in the Art of experiential design.

From works of performer artist Marina Abramović to Olafur Eliasson, Robert Irwin and also philosophical and science thinkers as Carl Jung, Rene Descartes and many more. I believe that With insight to these plethora of values I could Correlate my own concepts of Transformation through Art and the ritualistic nature, contemplating consciousness, what consciousness means to me. And thus form all these I entail my Capstone work piece The silent drum.

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