Hungry For Laughs?: I was dreaming I was swimming in orange soda...

I was dreaming I was dreaming in orange soda…it was just a Fanta Sea
Each panel of food puns contain “Fun Facts”, behind the scene photos, and a stop motion video of the process displayed on an Ipad.

Artwork Info

Type of Work Food Photography, Stop Motion, Video
Medium food, oranges, pretzels, hot dogs, hot dog buns, fanta soda, pizza, fries, ketchup, napkins, mason jar, plastic bottle, plastic bowls
Dimensions 24x36
Subject Matter Photo Gallery, Lettering, Hand Lettering, Food Lettering, Tactile Lettering, Food Photography

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Julie Anne Rasos

Joined: December 3, 2018

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Julie Anne Rasos Graphic Design Thesis Fall 2019