Higher Brain

In this piece Higher Brain, we find a human brain rising up on mechanical dendrites and wires. Protruding from the front of the brain is a large electronic implant. This implanted device allows us verbal interface to the internet via an artificial intelligence. The viewers can address this extension of the mind as ”computer.” Through interacting with the AI in in this piece we are invited to reflect on the nature of thinking and knowing. The ability to call up information by simply asking the right questions is dramatically change the way we think and recall information. We are less apt to know specific information, instead we simply need to know that the information exists and what to call it. Knowledge has become become decentralised, it is no longer stored locally instead it exists in the cloud. When an individual finds themselves disconnected from the knowledge base they are forced to revert back to local storage.

Artwork Info

Type of Work Sculpture
Medium Found Object Assemblage, Cast Plastic, Polychrome, Echo Dot.
Dimensions 16” X 16” X 16”
Subject Matter Brain

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Andrew Newell

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Andrew Newell BFA Sculpture Thesis Fall 2017