The Signal

My sculpture The Signal, shows us mountain of mud huts and tin shacks festooned with power poles and communications equipment of every kind. Though the materials and conceptual framework are different the appearance and scale of this work shares similarity with the Dwelling works of Charles Simonds. We see an artificially intelligent golden child resting atop the central power pole, it is tied into every part of the the communications grid. In order to transmit or receive data from the satellites in orbit one must go through this AI regulator. From every window and door radiates the mollifying glow of information. Each hovel flickers in perfect unison. The mud huts and tin shanties create unviewable internal spaces in which humanity hides away from our ever degrading environment. The abodes, though close in physical proximity, are the private space in which the occupants escape to avoid each other. We are invited to reflect on how, as our technology grows allowing for increasing connections through digital space, the physical connections fade. This sculpture deals in themes of experiential control as well as isolation and enviromental degradation. It deals with the consequences of internal bleakness as a result of external environmental bleakness.

Artwork Info

Type of Work Sculpture
Medium Found Object Assemblage, Foam core, Monster Mud, Sand, Wood, Wire, Polychrome, LED Device.
Dimensions 20” X 20” X 33”
Subject Matter landscape

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Andrew Newell

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Andrew Newell BFA Sculpture Thesis Fall 2017