The Technovangelist

In my wearable piece The Technovangelist, we see the large imposing figure of a robot in a habit. The figure is flanked by projections that provide simulations of stained glass windows. These projections serve to both create a simulation of a church like environment and provide additional depth to the story of each of the four other sculptures in this body of work. The habit is a patchwork of rotting green and brown canvas. The robot’s metal body is bulky and brutal. Its large head protrudes from the habit adorned with an image of the cross. The glass dome positioned high in the center of the face is reminiscent of HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey, and appears as a glowing all seeing eye whose purpose seems to be both observation and disorientation. The Technovangelist is equipped with rudimentary grasping claws. While intimidating there design appears simple and highly ineffective for any task other than holding wrists. A droning sermon can be heard issuing from the piece, it is read aloud by an text to speech algorithm.

Artwork Info

Type of Work Sculpture
Medium Found Object Assemblage, Canvas, Projected Light, Polychrome, Text to Speech Algorithm, and Electronic Devices.
Dimensions 28” X 28” X 84”
Subject Matter Figure

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Andrew Newell

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Andrew Newell BFA Sculpture Thesis Fall 2017