Lux Character Design

Meet Lux. The leader of the group. She isn’t much of a social butterfly, so she can come off a bit standoffish at times. However, when Lux begins to feel comfortable around you, you’ll find that she shows affection by playfully teasing you like a big sister would. She’s also quite the casanova! A lady-killer with that aloof and mysterious “Cool Guy” thing she’s got goin’ on. She knows she may appear intimidating, but don’t let that harsh, mean muggin exterior deter you from approaching her! Underneath all those spikes and chains, Lux is really just a big softie who fiercely protects her loved ones. She’ll always be there to lift your head up, push your shoulders back, and remind you that you’re one hell of a bad bitch.

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Type of Work Illustration
Medium Digital

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Zoe Geare

Joined: February 24, 2012

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Zoe Geare BFA Illustration Thesis Fall 2020