Aly Khalifa is design entrepreneur that is addicted to inventive culture. He has specialized in innovation development and launched products for some of the most exciting sports brands in the world. Trained as both an engineer and a designer, Aly has traveled extensively for 19 years to manufacture sporting goods design and technologies. His
collaborations have garnered more than 16 patents, been nominated for a Grammy Award and exhibited in the Louvre.

Aly is a co-founder of Designbox, a leading multi-disciplinary workspace of creative professionals. Additionally, he founded and leads SPARKcon, the nation’s largest open source festival that promotes local creative cultur . As a result he has garnered significant attention as a voice for the creative community, leading to lectures worldwide.

Aly’s designs of the Gamila Teastick and Impress Brewer have paved the way for single-serve gourmet beverages that avoid paper taste and paper waste. This work garnered significant success on Kickstarter and with baristas worldwide.

Aly and his wife Beth recently founded Lyf Shoes to put their latest patent to work. Lyf fuses technology with just-in-time assembly at the retail shop, and eliminates adhesives in order to achieve a new standard in sustainability. The company was seed-funded by Cherokee Investments Group in 2012.

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