John Takehara, LAKE EMERALD, 1973; ceramic

Artwork Info

Type of Work Vessel
Medium Ceramic

Artist Info

Name John Takehara
Born January 1, 1929
Culture Japanese
Education 1959 ba in Secondary Education, Walla Walla College, WA 1959–60, 66 Coursework, University of Hawaii, Honolulu 1962 ma in Design, Los Angeles State College, CA 1963 Coursework, Los Angeles State College, CA 1974–75 Coursework, University of Idaho
Notes or Bio

professional experience:
1959–60 Gimas Art Gallery, Honolulu,HI
1963–67 Professor, Montana State
University, Bozeman
1967–68 Assistant Director and
Professor, University of Florida Art Gallery,
1968–94 Professor of Art, Boise State
University, ID
1974–80 Director of University Gallery,
Boise State University, ID
1980 Visiting Professor, Utah State
University, Logan
1994–98 Idaho Commission for the Arts
1996–97 Created documentaries of artists

Credits: Photo by Ryan Krueger

Rights: All Rights Reserved

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