Vaughn Street Dessert Trolley

John Economaki, Vaughn Street Dessert Trolley, 1985; walnut

Carved walnut wood dessert cart.

Contemporary Crafts Gallery Purchase.

Artwork Info

Type of Work Furniture
Medium walnut
Dimensions 34 × 46 × 15.5 in.
Subject Matter Dessert cart

Artist Info

Name John Economaki
Born January 1, 1952
Role woodworker
Culture American
Education 1973 bs in Industrial Arts, Iowa State University, Iowa City 1974–75 Graduate work, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR 1978 Furniture-making workshop with Sam Maloof, Anderson Ranch, Aspen, CO
Notes or Bio

professional experience:
1973–78 Woodworking Instructor, Lincoln
High School, Portland, OR
1975–83 Independent furniture maker
and designer
1980–83 Board Member, Contemporary
Crafts Gallery, Portland, OR
1983–present Founder and Owner,
Bridge City Tool Works, Portland, OR

Credits: Dan Kvitka

Rights: All Rights Reserved

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