Artist Talk: Amy Bessone

Join PNCA and PICA for a special artist talk with painter Amy Bessone, whose work is featured in Between my head and my hand, there is always the face of death, on view at the Feldman Gallery through March 26.

Between my head and my hand gathers together work in which the body is a painting, a shell, a gesture, a cartoon, a mask. Less portrait and more portrayal, the works included run from the highly sexualized and political to the austere and academic. When taken together, the work represents the kind of pictorial freedom ushered in by post-modernism and, furthermore, the figure post-Picabia. Seven distinctly different painters render our human form with a reverence for the architecture and meaning of the body without using “live” models as their material. The artists mine imagery from film, art history, memory, kitsch, and pop culture. It is here—between the energy of painting and the stillness of mechanization—that the work exists.

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Artist Talk: Amy Bessone