Artist Talk: Mack McFarland and Marieke Verbiesen

Mack McFarland, the curator of the Intermation, will talk with Marieke Verbiesen about her work in the show.

Intermation examines the relationship between the animated image and the screen and proposes new utility between or among the traditional apparatus of animation. The exhibition reinforces the interdisciplinary nature of Boundary Crossings: an Institute in Contemporary Animated Arts.

Verbiesen will discuss her work Plan 10, an interactive installation that users control through a self made control board simulating events in a miniature, tactile city. Plan 10 is based on the book Last City of the Gods by Norwegian Science Fiction novelist Tor Age Bringsvaerd.

Marieke Verbiesen (MFA, Interactive Media, Netherlands) has worked with different projects in electronic arts and interactive design since 2003. Her works includes creative work with music, film and video based on hardware, computer games, movies and popular culture. She has participated in the collaborative projects 8BitBox, Videohometraining and is one of the founders of Micromusic Norway & the Netherlands, a community for 8bit music, games and art. She is also a freelance teacher in New Media at Kunstakademiet i Trondheim and Kunsthøgskolen i Bergen, as well as working for the Bergen Centre for Electronic Art.

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Artist Talk: Mack McFarland and Marieke Verbiesen