Curator Walkthrough: It's All A Blur

It’s All A Blur, a touring exhibition from SOMArts Cultural Center, focuses on levels of empowerment and enfranchisement in the American West. Themes of labor economics, cross-cultural identity and the meaning of the American Dream are portrayed through installations, performances, drawings, photography, readings and historic pieces. The exhibition features California masters Guillermo Gómez-Peña, Dale Hoyt and Tony Labat.

Justin Hoover is a San Francisco performance and visual artist and curator utilizing time-based media, body-based performance, video, installation and photography to investigate issues of identity, duration and immateriality. Justin works as Curator & Gallery Director at SOMArts Cultural Center, focusing on developing collaborative and experimental community-based curatorial projects. In addition to being the founder/director of the Garage Biennale (2004–2009), he is also founder/director of Radical Practices Auction House (2009–present), a project-based auction house that specializes in experiences.

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Curator Walkthrough: It's All A Blur