Xylor Jane and B. Wurtz

Xylor Jane and B. Wurtz is a two-person show highlighting recent work of two important artists who consistently surprise with the simplicity of their means and process. B. Wurtz (b. 1948) makes sculptural assemblages from string, socks, buttons, household implements and plastic bags. Xylor Jane (b. 1963) draws on basic mathematical algorithms to make intricate painted patterns.

Dealing simply in the complexity and specificity of color and material, Xylor Jane’s and B. Wurtz’ artworks are rigorously executed translations of environment and experience. This exhibition is curated by MFA in Visual Studies Chair, artist and curator, Arnold J. Kemp.

This exhibit is funded in part from a $40,000 grant from the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts. This grant went to support a six-exhibition series in the Feldman Gallery exploring various medias and methodologies in contemporary art.

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Xylor Jane and B. Wurtz