inside/out, 2016, photogravure with chine-collé on Stonehenge, 28in x 40in

inside/out is full of space and nearly empty. A five-paned window hovers diagonally in the upper right third of the paper. The left side of the window provides clues to an intersection with another building seen only in reflection. This awareness is felt on the left side of the paper and the window drags lower there as it appears to recede into the background. The right side of the window drifts outward and upward into the sunlight, visually pushing the paper with it. Natural light in the clouds are countered by the harsh, contrived light contained in fluorescent tubes in the ceiling of the windowed space.
The vanishing point created by the vertical lines of the windowpanes leads up and another leads the eye left. Both land off the edges of the paper. Looking up from this angle there is no way to view the interior space other than the ceiling which seems to open up into the sky. The window is providing reflections of objects that are not present otherwise and are hard to understand without their original context. The juxtaposition of indoor and outdoor provides a feeling of misunderstanding both locations at once and turns the expectations of a window inside out. The interior reflects exterior space, and the unseen is as present as what remains. What can be confirmed visually and what is sensed to be true is in conflict with one another.

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Type of Work framed print
Medium photogravure with gampi chine-collé on Stonehenge
Dimensions 28in x 40in

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Brandi Kruse

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Brandi Kruse MFA Print Media Capstone 2016