Jesse Blalock BFA Photography Thesis Spring 2017

Permeability is composed of three soft sculptures that serve the purpose of providing a permeable exoskeleton for the bod. The sculptures are accompanied by seven photographs that inform the process, materials, and function of the work. The structural form of the sculptures is based on the skeletal structures of the holoplanktonic protozoa known as Radiolarians. This body of work is a physical manifestation of a psychological process or experience, which stems from the desire for a layer of protection that will help the wearer grow mentally and physically. For myself, the maker, this work is helping me overcome the social issues surrounding being sober in an alcohol centric culture, and the feelings of anxiety and othering that accompany sobriety. The sculptures themselves are, however, made to be adaptable to each individual who chooses to wear them, allowing room for flexibility in order to suit the needs of the wearer. Each material
used in this body of work is incorporated conceptually, considering the history and origins of the materials.

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Spring 2017