Justine Highsmith BFA Intermedia Thesis Spring 2017

Liquid Space

Liquid Space is a 30 minute performance with five dancers exploring the body as augmented archaeology, accessing its knowledge, and attempting to unearth the understanding of ourselves in space through movement and mapping. This is an excavation of the senses. What is my body uncovering, and what it is being transformed in the process? What do we see when we dance? Ponty defines perception as, “a process of continuous interaction between subject and surroundings.” It is the spacial experience of self consciousness, as well as the everyday. For one cannot experience “I” without “Here.” The concept of the body as a form of augmented archaeology refers to the phenomenological analysis of both cerebral and material landscapes, past environments, and what the history of being and moving reveals about ourselves. Archaeology is an excavation and analysis of human artifact, but in Liquid Space I am seeing the body as an artifact of sensations and experiences, and how we augment ourselves through speech and movement.

Liquid Space is a consciousness technology. It is a mapped field gate. It is touch; ground, open. It is synchronized elation. It is a stark glow, a synthetic parallel horizon. It is the solstice arrow, wilted, tarnished, a blight lept into the violet mouth, a heavy quickening leap. It is illusionistic space. It is actual space. It is about becoming a new body in space.

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Spring 2017