Cassandra Lankford BFA General Fine Arts Thesis Spring 2017


Re:Mediation is an exhibition of drawings which act as evidence of private performed gestures inspired by the artist’s desire to express their experiences with the paranormal. This collection of work acts as a concrete representation of what the artist has termed invisible experiences, which began after her grandmother’s passing in 2012. Re:Mediation is a project aimed specifically at making ideas that started with the Spiritualist movement of the mid 1800’s, and the practice of mediumship, visible through artistic practice.

The six drawings were created through the process of psychic mediumship. Mediumship is an activity in which a person utilizes their psychic senses to communicate with the spirits of people who have passed on. The artist employed their use of this skill as a process to generate drawings which engage the viewer to consider what invisible action occurred to create the images. The painted images on the wall act as abstract representations of the artist themselves, utilizing color and form to communicate subconscious emotions and thoughts.

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Spring 2017