Seaerra Miller BFA Illustration Thesis Spring 2017

Mason Mooney Tells Terrible Tales

Mason Mooney Tells Terrible Tales is an illustrated anthology of short, scary stories aimed at kids ages eight to twelve. The narrator and host, Mason Mooney, is a disheveled, smart-alec kid who claims to be “supernaturally certified” in the field of paranormal research. He very literally invites the reader into the book, beckoning from behind the page. Once the page is urned the reader is inside Mason’s world, a world where a beating heart inhabits a jar and a ghost delivers the mail. The walls are adorned with paranormal relics and information and Mason even shares some pages of his research journal with the reader. It is the stories, however, that are meant to be the main attraction for the reader, and they too are presented as part of Mason’s paranormal research collection. I have only included two stories at this point, but I view this project as proof of concept for a larger book, and envision that it will eventually include as many as five.

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Spring 2017