Zoe Kimball BFA Illustration Thesis Spring 2017

Growing Pains

During the pivotal time between adolescence and adulthood we face many struggles. We live in a time when the media is telling us what we should be doing, how we should look and who we should be. We are creating a society of young people who feel like they’re not good enough and are easily discouraged in the face of these unrealistic standards. The truth is, most of us don’t feel successful yet—in our careers, relationships or in achieving our goals. I think it’s time we give ourselves a break. For my project I created a zine titled Growing Pains which focuses in on ideas of self-love, self-care and self-celebration. I wanted to create something completely different from the beauty and gossip magazines that have taken over the publishing world. I asked myself what would my friends and I like to see in a publication? Growing Pains was created for young, creative women who still might feel like kids, but are technically adults. It could be inspiring for anyone who is caught in that space where they feel like they are not quite as grown up as their age would tell them to be. I want my zine to feel like a safe place for the viewer to spend some time, free of criticism and full of positive energy. We all differ on the best way to nurture ourselves and every approach to self acceptance is individual, so my articles approach topics in a way that are easily personalized. My overarching message with Growing Pains is to help us accept that we are all "works in progress”.

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Spring 2017